Your Team

Been there. Done that. Love it.


Tom Violante

Tom brought his talent, energy and innovation to the award-winning high-volume specialty grocery store. Creating a catering company, high-end meals to go program and scratch bakery in Holiday Market. Tom then turned his attention to the sushi department and well, now you know the rest of the story.


Patrick VanLehn

Patrick’s most valuable asset is his ability to provide clarity for both our partners and the Sushi Kabar team. His communication skills and ability to meet with anyone, anywhere, at anytime make him an ideal point person for our operation and yours. His vast marketing experience also gives him great insight for in-store opportunities.


Wendy War Aye

Wendy has over 20 years of sushi operation experience. She is the secret ingredient that keeps Sushi Kabar rolling. Wendy oversees the sushi operation from ingredients & recipes to training & menu execution. When she’s part of your team, you’ll know why she is such an valuable teammate.