Why Sushi Kabar?

The Bottom Line.



Why should you consider Sushi Kabar?

Sushi Kabar has a better business plan and better sushi. That’s where it all begins. We will provide the details of how we’ve streamlined the value chain, train our expert chefs, maintain a high standard of quality, and ensure food safety at your request. In essence, increasing sales of sushi is our main objective, and in order to do that, we have to produce sushi that’s worth a little extra effort. The benefits for our partners have been proven to be as follows:

  • 29+ % Same Store Sales Increases
  • People. People. People. We are accountable and we have passion!
  • Unsurpassed connectivity with our Team


How to Get Started

We’ve discovered through our research that the biggest complaint about our competitors is a lack of quality communication. We are uniquely positioned to understand our partners’ needs and pride ourselves on delivering them unparalleled connectivity and clarity.

Connect with us here

Contact us and we will go over our process in person. Our team of number crunchers, nutritionists, quality controllers, food safety experts, marketers and tech gurus are all ready to design a program that suits your individual needs.

Connect with us here