Our Food

The four ingredients of better sushi.






We use Japanese rice—the best in the world. It’s stickier and firmer, without being soggy. A big improvement from the clumpy and soggy rice we’re used to from grocery stores.
We use AAA grade tuna for nigiri sushi. It’s tuna that actually looks like tuna, not the gray, stringy, bad mouthfeel and dull-flavored tuna that is all too common in grocery store sushi.
The best vinegar for a perfect balance of acid & sweetness. No additional sugar or salt is necessary to compensate for being cold, which is currently a typical practice.
Our head sushi chef leads with over 20 years of experience. She developed and supervises a rigorous training program to hold all of our operators to her high standards.

Quality. Creative. Fresh.

Our chefs are always pushing the envelope and producing creative new rolls and products to attract an ever-growing market of sushi aficionados. Here are some examples of our unique offerings:

  • Gluten Free Options
  • Made-to-Order Sushi
  • Kids Items
  • Regional Items (i.e. Michigan Jalapeno Roll, Utah Roll)

The highest standard of safety.

Our chefs receive rigorous training on providing our partners and customers with high quality sushi that meets any and all safety requirements. We also have a food safety consultant on staff, inspections provided by Ecolab, and are available 24 hours a day to address any concerns directly.

We invite our partners to provide a monthly assessment on our Corporate Feedback page to help us identify areas of improvement here.


Nutrition facts.

We are pleased to provide our customers with the nutrition facts about our sushi. Follow the link below to review, download and/or print a copy.

Click here

Does better sushi mean higher cost?

An emphatic NO! Our business plan cuts out all of the fat that most grocery store sushi providers are guilty of carrying. The savings are then passed on to the chef. A Happy Chef means a healthy program. We do this because we believe the world deserves better sushi, and it’s worth the extra effort for everyone involved. The increased sales and secondary sales from foot traffic creates a Win-Win-Win for our chefs, customers, and most importantly, our partners.